Mr. Tong Ultimate Plunger

Air Pressure Drain Blaster

Unclogs and cleans in seconds!

Patented Technology
Mr.Tong Plunger is a super new plunger to rapidly clear sludge,hair,toilet paper and food leftovers inside drainpipes of kitchens,washbasins,toilets,etc.New high-tech concept for clearing toiltes,sinks and drains at the touch of button
Solution for Sinks, Drains and Washtubes
8KG air pressure ensures a clean drain every use.
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Micheal J.

I used a similar industrial version when I was a site engineer. This one is great for use around the home. No hassle with one push on the button and the toilet is open.

Maggie M.

This really worked for our household! I was skeptical but it did the job. Cleared our bathroom sinks and one bathtub. Tried the Draino and hot water several times and did not work. I love this product!